The Football League Years 

Authors: Garth Dykes and Mike Davage

ISBN: 978-1-911376-22-4
RRP:  £12

Paperback, 246mm x 189mm


Today’s Blackpool Football Club was created in late July 1887 when a handful of enthusiasts gathered together in a room in the Stanley Arms Hotel in Church Street. A formal resolution was passed that Blackpool Football Club should be formed, and, by doing so, gave birth to a club which, 43 years later, was to obtain First Division status. From its first inception rapid progress was the order of the day. The Lancashire Junior Cup and the Fylde Cup were won in the first successful season. They became founder members of the Lancashire League in 1890, and were champions four years later. In May 1896 the club was formed into a limited liability company with a capital of £2,000 in £1 shares and were elected to the Second Division of the Football League. Not re-elected in 1899, they bounced back the following season 

The focus of this book is on the 241 players who represented Blackpool F.C. in Football League and FA Cup matches in the period commencing September 1896 and concluding in August 1915. A challenging period for the football historian but one that your authors’ feel will have shed some new light on the already well documented history of the Blackpool Football Club.

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