Author: Jack Rollin

ISBN: 978-1-905891-46-7

RRP:  £8

Paperback, 149mm x 210mm


The immediate post-war years saw a large increase in the number of spectators at sporting events.  The local people of Chingford saw an opportunity to form a professional football club and were supported in their efforts by the Southern League.  Players were recruited and a ground created, which involved a diversion of the River Ching.

Alas, a number of factors (including the Ching) conspired to bring down the club after only two full seasons of active play.   Jack Rollinís account tells the story of these seasons, with profiles of some of the players and match results. 

Jack Rollin is the editor of the Sky Sports Yearbook and has many football titles to his name, including Soccer at War, the definitive account of wartime football.

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