Author: Tony Brown

ISBN: 978-1-905891-52-8

RRP:  £14

Paperback, 189mm x 246mm

The laws of the game evolved quickly during the first 20 years of the Football Association.  The book includes 14 complete sets of the laws of the game, illustrating how they changed from year to year.  Lists of  member clubs from 1863 to 1883 illustrate the growth of interest in the game. 

Extracts from the original Minute Book of the F.A. have been used, together with contemporary press reports.  The resulting book is intended to help those interested in the early years of the game to interpret match reports and serve to as a basis for further study. It is a mid-size paperback, priced at £14 plus £1.50 for postage. 

For the introductory pages, please follow this link: FA Source Book: Sample Pages (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to see this page)

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