VOLUME THREE: 1908-1915
Authors: Reg and Graeme Riley
ISBN: 978-1-905891-79-5
RRP:  20

A4 sized paperback, 306 pages

In a long-running project, the authors have consulted every match report in Liverpool FCs history.  The third volume in the series series covers seasons 1908-09 to 1914-15, during which the club made their first appearances in an FA Cup final.

A full page of the book is dedicated to each match.  Full statistical details include the date and venue, the line-ups and scorers of both teams, the attendance and referee when known.  Short paragraphs examine the build up to the game and the consequences.  A League table shows the position of all the clubs after the game.

The feature of each page is a detailed report of the game.  The original newspaper reports are often lengthy and difficult to read, so the authors took the decision to re-write each match report in a style that we are familiar with today.  Goal scorers are highlighted in the text.  Many papers have been consulted and comments are included if their reports differ in any detail.  The consequence is a new authoritative account of Liverpool FCs games.

Copies of the first two volumes are still available.  The ISBN of Volume One (1892 to 1900) is 978-1-905891-69-6 and that for Volume Two (1900 to 1908) is 978-1-905891-74-0.  The price of each volume is 20 plus postage (3 for the UK, 8 for the rest of Europe, 16 (airmail) for the rest of the world. Volume 4 in the series will be available in 2015.

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