Many thanks are due to (in no particular order) Alf Beagley, Michael Joyce, Roger Tilbury, Alan Lacock, Don Starr and others for bringing these mistakes to my attention.  Also, thanks to Kit Bartlett for his hours at Colindale.  Readers’ comments are always welcome and there are certainly more mistakes waiting to be found!  Despite hours spent checking the books, it is surprising (to me at least) how many things slip through.  Amendments are usually incorporated into the books if I need to reprint them.  If you have older versions than are dealt with here (principally the stapled booklets originally produced for the early 1920s and the late 1940s) the new versions can be supplied at cost price.  Please ask me for details.


1919/20 and 1920/21 (2005 Edition)


Manchester City 1919/20.  Game 9 scorers were Browell 2, Taylor. 

West Bromwich Albion 1919/20.  Game 18 scorer was Morris 2

West Bromwich 1920/21.  The FA Cup R1 attendance was 32,995


1921/22 (2005)


Bristol Rovers.  Game 36.  Furniss S was at 4.  Delete Crompton GE, who made no appearances.  Add one to Furniss’ appearance total.

Halifax Town.  Players names are Birtwhistle (with an h) and Hetherington (with a capital H)

West Bromwich Albion.  Scorers in game 2 are Brett (og), Blood 2.


1922/23 (2005)


Plymouth Argyle.  FA Cup R2.  One of Richardson’s goals was a penalty

West Bromwich Albion.  Add (p) after Davies game 22 and Morris game 23.  The scorer in game 30 is Bowser.


1923/24 (2005)


Bournemouth.  Add the following attendances.  Game 1, 9545, game 2, 6614, game 15, 8000, game 16, 4000, game 18, 3000, game 30, 3000, game 37, 2221, game 40, 8926.


1924/25 (2002)


Bradford City.  Game 28.  Butler was at 9, not Donachy.

Bradford Park Avenue.  Players names are Peel HB and Scattergood EO

Coventry City.       Games 18, 19.  Pearson at 8, not Shea.

Game 26.  Wood at 11, not Herbert

Games 27, 28.  Clark at 10 not Morris

Game 34.  Turner at 8, not Storey. Herbert and Parkin at 10 and 11 respectively.

Game 37.  Scorers were Turner, Pynegar (totals need adjusting)

FA Cup Q6.  Pearson at 8 not Parkin

Derby County.     Delete McLaverty’s goals total.  Moore’s total is 8, Wightman’s 1

Doncaster Rovers.  Player’s name is Wigglesworth not Higglesworth.

Newport County.  Scorer in game 22 is H White.  The total is given incorrectly to VTW White.

Wetherby’s goals in games 23, 34 and 39 were penalties.

Carney’s goals in the FA Cup Q4 replay was a penalty.

Norwich City.  Penalties were scored by Hannah in games 8, 9, 32 and Q6 of the FA Cup.

Preston North End.  Insert 1 under Henderson in the goals totals.

Rotherham County. Hammerton scored 7 goals, Johnston 1

Southend United.  Scorer in game 19 was Bissett

West Bromwich Albion.  The scorer in game 8 was Wilson. 


1925/26 (2003)


Bournemouth.  Game 20.  Butt was 4 not Lowson.

Game 26. Butt was 4, not Bliss

Game 42.  Stringfellow was 10 not Armstrong

Bradford Park Avenue.  Game 39 scorers were Quantrill and an own goal.  The totals are therefore three own goals and Quantrill’s total is 12.

Charlton Athletic.  Game 1.  Delete McGuire, who was not a substitute!  His appearance total is 6 not 7.

Halifax Town.  Player’s name is Monoghan, not Monaghan.

Leeds United.  Goals totals are wrong.  They should read 0,9,0,0,3,0,0,1,1,2,2,26 then 6,8,5 in the last three columns.

New Brighton.  Dunne scored 6 goals, Hird 1

Southend United.  Game 37.  Moore’s goal was an og to Cross.  Delete Moore’s goals total and make the own goals count three.

Stoke City.  Walker JD’s appearances are missing.  He made 25 appearances at 4 and scored 1 goal in games 6 to 16, 18 to 25, 28, 29, 34 to 37.

Swansea Town.  Game 28.  Scorer was Thompson 2, not Deacon 2.  Change their goal totals.


1927/28 (2004)


Halifax Town.  Game 2.  Scorers name is Housley, not Houseley

Reading.  Games 11 to 18.  The details in the first three columns need moving one to the right, so Baggett has no appearances and Davey 5 new ones.  The total appearances in the first four columns are then 13, 12, 13, 12


1929/30 (2005)


Brighton game 42.  Delete Webb at 1 and make his appearance total 41.


1931/32 (2006)


Brentford March 25.  Replace Lane as the scorer with Gibbins

Coventry City Dec 12.  Replace Sheppard as the scorer with Cull

Plymouth Argyle Feb 27.  Replace Vidler as scorer with Pullen.

Sunderland.  Goals totals for Gallacher, Gurney, Leonard and Temple should read 11, 15, 2 and 7

Swindon Town.  Dransfield’s goals in games 14 and 32 were penalties.


1946/47 (2004)


Arsenal games 14 and 18; C Grant played at 9 in both games.  Delete the last column (headed “A Young”)

Crewe game 6.  The og scorer was Lloyd

Halifax Town game 6.  The scorer is Walshaw not Walsaw

Stoke City.  The FA Cup line-ups are wrong.  Delete Antonio (shown at 8), Brigham (10), Meakin (3).  Add Herod at 1 in R3 and Jepson at 1 in the other games.  Add McCue at 3 and Mould at 2 in all games.  Peppitt was at 8 in all games, with Steele at 4 in R5.


1947/48 (2004)


Everton game 8.  The og scorer was Moss.

Hartlepools United.  F Jarrie played at 1 in game 2.

Norwich City game 8.  The og scorer was Evans

Portsmouth game 7.  The og scorer was Young

Tottenham game 41. The og scorer was Craig


1948/49 (2004)


Halifax Town game 38.  The scorer was Whittingham not Whitingham


1950/51 (2002)


Bradford Park Avenue.  Correct scorers names in games 3 (Haines), 19 (Brickley, not Brierley), 20 (Haines), 26 (Elliott)

Middlesbrough.  The scorer’s name is Delapenha throughout, not Delaphena

Newport County.  Add (p) to Parker (game 4), Hayward (game 36), Parker (game 40) and Hayward (FA Cup R1)

Norwich City.  Game 23.  One of Kinsey’s goals was a penalty.  Add (p) to Foulkes (games 24, 29, 37, 42).  One of Ashman’s goals (game 46) was a penalty.

Portsmouth game 35.  JH Yeuell was at 2 (his only appearance that season) not Stephen.  Flewin was 5 not Froggatt. Mundy was 8 not Reid.  Atyeo was 9 not Mundy.  Ryder was 10 not Phillips.  Appearance totals need to change.  Game 40 scorer is D Reid not D Read

Watford.  Add (p) to Oliver (game 2), Hartburn (17, 18, 21), 2 for Hartburn in 24, Oliver (game 34).  In game 44, BJ Jones was at 3, not Oliver.  Adjust the appearance totals.


1951/52 (2003)


Middlesbrough.  The scorer’s name is Delapenha throughout, not Delaphena

Rochdale.  Foulds’ appearance total is 24 not 23

Swindon Town game 26.  Hudson’s goal was a penalty

Watford game 26.  One of Jones’ goals in game 26 was a penalty.  Brown’s goal in game 38 was a penalty


1952/53 (2006)


Accrington Stanley.  Kendall and Bushell are misspelled in the scorers column

Ipswich Town.  The og on 4th April was scored by Green


1952/53 (2003)


Some minor spelling corrections have been incorporated into the 2006 edition.  These significant changes apply to the 2003 edition:

Colchester United game 10 scorers were Barlow, McCurley.  McCurley and Rowlands’ goal totals need adjusting.

Crystal Palace.  Briggs not Braithwaite was at 5 in games 20, 22 and 25. 

Fulham.  Newcombe not Mitten was 11 in game 31, and it’s Mitten not Newcombe in game 33

Southport.  The Walker and Walsh columns are transposed.  Walker made the single appearance.

West Bromwich Albion.  Mountford was 7 in game 29 and did not play game 33.  His total is correct.

Workington.  Dick was 8 in game 10. 


1953/54 (2005)


Blackpool were 6th in Division One.

Colchester United.  Game 1 has Harrison at 2, Stewart at 5 and Bearryman at 4.  Delete Kettle in game 15 and move him to game 21 (at 2)

Darlington.  In the footnote, P Price played in games 36 and 37, not 35 and 36

Leeds United, FAC R3.  Ramsey scored the og.

Plymouth Argyle.  The line-up shown for game 42 is actually for game 31.  The line-ups shown for games 31 to 41 are actually for games 32 to 42. 

The left hand side and appearance totals are OK.

Portsmouth game 4.  The scorer was Lionel Phillips

Rotherham United game 37.  Warner was at 3, not 2

Stoke City game 15.  Bourne was at 3, not 2


1953/54 (2004)


Those above, and:

Halifax Town were 23rd in the Division.  Breaks was at 6 in game 12, not Drake.  Core’s initial was F not J.


1954/55 (2006)


None yet known


1954/55 (2004)


Birmingham City.  The scorer was Rowley not Rowland in game 2.  Lane scored once in game 34.

Bristol Rovers game 15.  The scorer was Meyer.

Ipswich Town game 23.  Reed did not score.

Leicester City.  Worthington scored 2 in game 16.

Leyton Orient game 5.  Blizzard was at 5

Port Vale.  The player is Hulligan not Hilligan.


1955/56 (2006)


None yet known


1955/56 (2005)


Aldershot.  The goal total assigned to Jackman belongs to Jackson.

Blackpool.  Harris and HT Kelly’s columns have been transposed. 

Colchester United.  The player names and goal totals have been scrambled in this edition.  From left to right, the names should read: Wright PB, Plant KG, Noble AWT, McLeod SM, McCurley K, Hunt WE, Hunt RM, Hill R, Hill B, Harrison JW, Harris TJ, Grice MJ, Fowler J, Fisher GS, Fenton BRV, Dobson BA, Dale RJ, Blake RT, Wright JFD, Stewart RP, Ames PT.  The goals totals should then be amended to show Dale 2, Fenton 2, Fisher 1, Fowler 2, Grice 6, Harrison 1, Hill B 1, Hill R 1, McCurley 29, McLeod 2, Plant 17, Stewart 1 and Wright PB 9.  The own goal scorer in game 24 was Parker.

Huddersfield Town.  Hickson scored 9 goals.

Hull City.  Neal was 11 in game 16, not 1.  Bulless was 11 in game 30, not 10.

Leicester City.  Froggatt also scored in game 21.  He scored 2 in game 33 (Riley did not score).

Preston North End.  Finney’s goals were penalties in games 16, 25 (one of them), 34 and 38.  Waterhouse scored in game 34, not Wolstenholme.

Stoke City.  No. 5 in all cup games was Thomson, not Malkin

Swansea Town.  Hennings scored in game 22 (not Henning).  The mysterious O’Groal who scored in game 32 is actually an own goal to Martin.


1956/57 (2005)


Birmingham City.  Astall scored in game 14, not Kinsey.  Totals need adjusting.  Green was 5 in game 20.

Bristol Rovers.  Scorers in game 26 were Hooper 3 (1p), Meyer 2, Biggs.  The second goal scorer in game 33 was Ward, not Meyer.  Goal totals are OK. 

Biggs played at 9 in game 30.

Cardiff City game 24.  Scorers were Stockin and Reynolds (not McSeveney).  Adjust totals.  Stockin spelled wrongly in FA Cup R3 scorers.

Crewe Alexandra.  Franklin also scored in game 46.  Rolfe’s goal total is 3.  The second goal scorer in FA Cup R1 was Williams.

Ipswich Town game 22.  Delete Vick in the list of scorers.

Leeds United game 28.  Forrest was at 9, not Brook.  Adjust totals.

Leicester City.  McDonald’s goals total was 7, not McLaren

Manchester City.  The own goal scorer in game 42 was Hall, not McSeveney

Manchester United.  Goals credited to Viollet in games 17 and 35 were scored by Charlton.  The goal totals are correct.

Plymouth Argyle.  The scorers name is Dougal not Dougall

Portsmouth game 25 scorer was Harris; it was not an og.  Add one to his total and remove one from the og count.

Preston North End.  The scorer in game 24 is Miller (og) and the second scorer in game 25 is Malloy (og)

Rotherham United game 20 scorer is Bambridge, not Bainbridge.

Sunderland.  Elliott was at 10 in both FA Cup ties, not Purdon.

Torquay United scorers in game 36 were Bon 2, Dobbie 2, not an og.  Adjust Dobbie’s goal total and the og total.

Wolverhampton Wanderers game 9.  The scorer of the second goal was Mullen, not Murray.


1957/58 (2005)


Birmingham City.  Houghton was 7 in game 20, not 9

Blackpool game 26.  The og scorer was Dodgin, not Douglas

Bristol City.  Etheridge was at 10 in FA Cup rounds 4 and 5, not Eisentrager

Bristol Rovers scorer in games 2, 8 and 17 is Biggs not Briggs.  He scored once in game 17.

Burnley.  Smith scored in game 42 but is not in the team.  Not yet resolved

Cardiff City.  Hewitt was at 8 in game 25, not 10

Fulham game 20.  Dwight scored 2

Hull City.  The scorers in FA Cup r2 replay were Bradbury 2, Cleary (og), Carberry (og). 

Lincoln City game 36.  The scorer was Smillie

Liverpool game 27.  The second scorer was Bimpson, who played at 9 in place of Liddell.  Goals total correct but adjust appearances.

Manchester United.  The Jones in the grid should have the initial M.  EP Jones should appear in the footnote.  Also in the footnote, it is Doherty not Docherty.

Middlesbrough.  The grid is correct but has not been sorted into alphabetic order.

Swansea Town.  M Morris was at 9 in game 29. McIntosh made no appearances that season.


1958/59 (2006)


Accrington Stanley.  McNichol is misspelled in the scorers column

Leicester City.  The Macs are in the wrong columns.  From the left, the columns belong to McFarlane, MacLaren and McDonald.


1959/60 (2006)


Accrington Stanley.  Game 35 scorers are H Anders, Swindells (p), Sneddon.  Totals are correct.

Hull City.  The scorers in game 1 were Metcalf, Robertson (og), Fincham (og).  Change Metcalf & og totals.

Swansea Town scorers in game 19 are Griffiths and Moore (og)

Wolverhampton Wanderers scorer in the FA Cup semi-final was Deeley.


1960/61 (2007)


Accrington Stanley.  FL Cup R1 game was Oct 12, not Sep 12

Brighton & Hove Albion scorers in the FA Cup R3 were McNeill, Laverick, Windross and not as printed

Grimsby Town FL Cup R2.  Williams may have been at 10, not Fleming.  Not yet confirmed.

Peterborough United’s page is correctly numbered as 64 but has been mis-collated between pages 72 and 73.

Sunderland.  Dillon was 11 in FA Cup R4, not Overfield.