Many thanks are again due to my contributors.  Readers’ comments are always welcome since (alas!) there are certainly more mistakes waiting to be found.  If volumes are reprinted they include any known corrections at that date – please see which edition you have by looking at the second page.  Amendments to a later edition also apply to earlier ones unless otherwise noted.


1888/89 to 1892/93 (2007)


1888/89 Burnley.  Change Kay A to Kay R

1892/93 Blackburn Rovers.  Names sorted into wrong order and should read (left to right) Pennington, Murray, Forbes, Almond, Dewar, Forrest, Chippendale, Walton, Southworth, Hall, Bowdler, Sawers, Arthur, Campbell, Gillespie, Hartley, Sanderson, Marshall, Hargreaves, Anderson, Mann, Whitehead, Taylor, Smith

1892/93 Burnley:  Hillman J not Hillam J


1888/89 to 1892/93 (2007, second impression)


1889/90 Burnley (and Stoke).  The void League game was Dec 21

1891/92 Everton.  The FA Cup R1 scorer was Milward, not Chadwick, Robertson as shown

1892/93 Burton Swifts.  The FA Cup PR game was played on Sep 28.  Burton scorers were Worrall, Perry, May.


1893/94 & 1894/95


Woolwich Arsenal 1893/94:  Henderson scored 3 in FA Cup Q1


1919/20 and 1920/21 (2005)


Blackpool: the heading on page 9 should read 1919/20.

Everton 1919/20.  W Kirsopp played in 29 games, scoring 14 goals.  He played at 8 in games 3, 6, 7, 9 to 12, 16, 17, 25-27, 33-42, at 11 in game 8, at 9 in games 13-15 and 19, and at 10 in games 31 and 32.

Sunderland 1919/20.  Travers scored in game 1, not Parker.  Change goal totals.

Burnley 1920/21. L Smelt was 2 in game 12 to 42, not McGrory.  Their appearance totals should read 39 and 3.  Nesbitt’s name is spelled incorrectly in the goalscorers list in games 4 and 7, and his total goals are 5, not 4.

Exeter City 1920/21:  The scorer in games 2 and 24 is Makin, not Hakin.  Dockray’s goals total is 2, there were no own goals.

Plymouth Argyle 1920/21.  Game 4, Dickinson at 6, not Forbes.  Games 8, 9 and 10, Hill at 5, not Dickinson.  Game 26, Forbes at 2 not Cosgrove.  Game 33, Russell at 2 not Corcoran.  Game 34, Cosgrove at 2, not Russell.  Amend Corcoran, Dickinson and Hill’s appearance totals.

Sunderland 1920/21.  Game 24 scorer was Buchan 2, and game 31 Gilhespy.  Moore played at 10 in game 28, not Ellis.  W Marsden played at 10 in game 35, not Marshall.  Add Marsden to the players with one appearance, and amend the totals of the other three players.


1921/22 (2005)


Preston North End.  Delete Branston from game 22.  Amend footnote to read:  Played in one game: H Croft (29, at 10).  Played in two games: F Broadhurst, 22 and 23, at 2.  (Please note the change of position for Croft).

Sheffield United.  No. 10 missing game 36


1923/24 (2005)


Merthyr.  Lindon’s goal on April 12th was a penalty


1924/25 (2002)


Southend: Goal totals are wrong for Bissett (8), McClelland (16) and Sayles (2)


1925/26 (2003)


Bury: Richardson in goal in games 27 and 28, not Harrison.  Richardson also in goal games 36 and 37, not Davies.  Change totals.

Plymouth: The cup tie was a home game.

Port Vale: Briscoe at 4 games 3 and 4, not Collinge.  Maddock at 2 game 32, not Cooper.  Change totals.

Rotherham goal totals are wrong: Hardy 2, Hemingway 7, Ramsden 5, Smith 1

Sunderland: Kelly scored in game 30, not Death.  Amend goal totals.

West Brom: Sproston in goal in game 12, not Ashmore.  Change goal totals.  Ramsay played at 10 in game 7, not Coglin.  Change appearance totals.

Wolves game 37:  Phillipson scored 3.


1926/27 (2005)


Burnley game 26: The og was scored by Bowden.

Cardiff City goals totals are wrong.  None for Farquharson, 25 for Ferguson.

Merthyr Town:  Lindon in goal for games 3, 4 and 5, not Lewis.  Change totals.

Notts County: Kemp played at 4 in game 42 not 6.

Sunderland game 11: The scorer was Halliday, not Coglin.  Change the goal totals.

West Bromwich:  Change the og in game 27 to Short.  His total should be 7 goals, and there was one own goal in total.


1927/28 (2004)


Notts County: The player’s name was “Gibbon H”, not “Gibson H”


1928/29 (2004)


Notts County: CC Bisby played at 2 in games 39 and 40.  J Dowsey played at 9 in games 31 to 35.  Both players totals are correct.


1929/30 (2005)


Merthyr Town.  Delete Lewis T.  Transfer the three appearances in games 31, 32 and 33 to goalkeeper Lewis B’s column, and the three goals.




Carlisle United: McConnell scored 2 in FA Cup R1




Carlisle United.  W Parker was in goal for both FA Cup games.  In R2, delete Gomm at 5




Carlisle United.  Scorer in game 3 is Johnson not Johnston


1946/47 (2004)


Birmingham: R3 Dorman played at 8, not McIntosh

Bournemouth:  Nov 9 scorers are Tagg and Kirkham (1 for the latter, not 2).  Also May 17: the scorer is Rowell, not Russell

Bradford City:  G Murphy scored 2 on Jan 4

Chesterfield, 25th December.  Own goal scorer was Brolly

Liverpool: Priday played at 11 in game 1, not Liddell.  Adjust appearance totals.

New Brighton: The scorer in game 22 was Wells

Wrexham, 27th May.  Own goal scorer was Pinder


1946/47 (2008)


Bristol Rovers.  The scorer in games 1 and 7 is Curran, not Curren.

Crewe:  Game 19, add Kelly to the scorers. 

Preston:  Amend the goal totals as follows: Finney 8, McIntosh 27, McLaren 5, Mutch 2.


1947/48 (2004)


Burnley.  Game 32 scorers should read Harrison 2, Haigh, Hornby (i.e. Harrison credited with the og shown).  Own goal totals are therefore 2. 

The FA Cup line-up should read Strong, Woodruff, Mather, Attwell, Brown, Bray, Billingham, Potts, Harrison, Knight, Hays.

Hartlepools United.  F Jarrie played at 1 in game 2


1948/49 (2004)


Bristol Rovers: Warren did not score in game 22


1949/50 (2004)


Bournemouth:  Aug 20.  Weigh scored, not Wright

Bristol Rovers: Game 14, James scored, not Jones.  Game 36, delete Lambden as a scorer


1950/51 (2002)


Bournemouth:  Jan 13.  Marsh scored, not Marshall

Bradford City:  The scorer in the FA Cup R1 replay was Carr

Carlisle United: Billingham played at 5 in games 10 and 11


1951/52 (2003)


Gateshead:  Change Ingham goals total to 7, insert 2 goals for Woodburn.  Delete column headed Moran LF.

Thompson played at 9 in FAC R1 replay 2, not Fowler.  Delete “Ingham 2” in the scorers’ column for FAC R4.

Sunderland: Shackleton scored 3 in game 2 and 2 in games 17,27 and 38

York City: In game 38, A Patrick scored 2.


1952/53 (2006)


Bournemouth Apr 6.  The scorer is Cheney.

Bradford Park Avenue: Currie at 2 on Feb 21

Bristol City: Mitchelson played at 3 in game 41

Bristol Rovers: Fox scored in game 26, not FoLambden

Burnley: Adamson scored in game 15, not Anderson


1953/54 (2007)


Bournemouth:  Dec 25:  The scorer's name is Gaynor.

Bradford City.  The goals totals are wrong.  From the left, they should read:,4,0,9,2,1

Grimsby Town.  The scorer in the FA Cup R3 replay was Stroud


1954/55 (2006)


Birmingham: Game 6 scorer was Warmington, not Warrington

Bradford City:  The columns for Mycock T and Walsh KW are transposed.  Replace each one’s name with the other, and move the 3 goals to Mycock’s column.

Also, Tunnicliffe scored 2 goals in FA Cup R2.

Burnley: Game 21 replace Holden as scorer with Gibson (og) and change totals

Carlisle United: Mitton played in goal in game 2, not MacLaren.  Change the appearance totals.


1955/56 (2006)


Aston Villa.  Game 9; Goal awarded to Southren, not Merrick (og).  Game 37, Wolves (a).  Moss at 11, not McParland.

FAC R3 replay Jan 12:  Birch at 4, not Baxter.


1956/57 (2005, 2007)


Bradford City:  Webb was at 8 on Oct 27, not 7

Bradford Park Avenue:  Brown played at 10 and 8 in the FA Cup ties, not Brolls


1957/58 (2005)


Burnley: The scorer in game 42 is Seith, not Smith.  The goals total is correct.

Southend United scorers in the R3 replay were McCrory and Molyneux (og)


1959/60 (2006)


Birmingham: Weston scored in game 28, not Watson

Bristol Rovers scorers in R1 replay were Biggs, Ward

Leyton Orient scorer in R3 v Liverpool was Foster, not Fowler


1960/61 (2007)


Birmingham: The own goal scorer in match 14 is Thomson, not Thompson

Bournemouth Feb 18.  The scorer was Bimpson, not Simpson

Bradford Park Avenue: FL Cup R2 v Birmingham was a home game.

Bristol Rovers: FL Cup Oct 12; Collins scored the 5th goal.

Burnley: Game 1, one of Connelly’s goals was an own goal by Wills.  Connelly’s total goals is 15, not 16.

Also, FA Cup R4, Pointer’s goal was an own goal by Carolan.

Grimsby Town: Williams played at 10 in the FL Cup (Oct 26) not Fleming.

Manchester United: The og in game 37 was scored by Hauser, not Hamer

Sunderland: Game 21, the second scorer was Fogarty, not McPheat.  Goal totals are OK.

York City lost 1-3 to Blackburn in the League Cup, not 1-2.


1961/62 (2007)


Bradford City.  The fifth scorer on April 7 was Mitchell (og)

Crewe: Oct 14 (expunged game) Williamson in goal, not Ferguson.  Also, game 30, Reilly at 10, not Riley (change totals).

Ipswich Town: Game 3, change Brett (og) to Leadbetter.  Game 4, change Miller (og) to Stephenson.  Game 19, change Rankmore (og) to Moran. 

The goal totals are correct.

Swansea:  Two European Cup Winners Cup games with Motor Jena were omitted by mistake.


1962/63 (2007)


Bristol Rovers: Names should read “Davis JT” and “Munro A”

Charlton were 20th in Division Two, not Division One

QPR: Add a note that home games from (and including) Oct 6 were played at White City.  Delete the reference to Lazarus at the foot of the page.


1963/64 (2008)


Brentford.  The scorer in FA Cup R4 replay was McAdams

Gillingham:  FA Cup.  Nos 4, 10, 5 and 6 are correct.  The other players are shifted one column to the right and therefore should appear in the column immediately to their left; eg Gibbs was 8, not Godfrey and Waldock was 9 not White.

Norwich City.  Scorer in the FA Cup was Davies

Tottenham Hotspur game 6:  Greaves (not Graeves) scored 3




Liverpool.  The fixtures, results and attendances for League games were taken by mistake from 1965/66.  Other details (scorers, line-ups and cup fixtures) are correct, except that the European Cup game on Mar 17 was at home (Cologne’s name should be in upper case).  The revised details can be found elsewhere on the site.