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Many thanks are again due to my contributors for reporting the mistakes.  Readers’ comments are always welcome since (alas!) there are certainly more mistakes waiting to be found.  I have chosen to correct the known errors when a particular volume needs reprinting.  Therefore please see which edition you have by looking at the publication date on the second page of each book.  Amendments to a later edition also apply to earlier ones unless otherwise noted.


1888/89 to 1892/93 (2007)


1888/89 Aston Villa: Green scored 3 in game 4; there was no own goal.  Change the totals.

1888/89 Burnley: the og in game 13 is credited to Horne of Accrington

1889/90 Blackburn Rovers: there are 4 unknown goals, not three

1889/90 Burnley:  Kaye played in goal game 17, not Cox.  Haresnape scored 2 in game 18; delete Stewart and amend goal totals.  The og scorer in game 13 was Fletcher.

1890/91 Burnley: Hill scored in game 6 – add 1 to his goal total.  In game 8, the scorer was Mason (og).  The scorer’s name in game 9 should be McLardie, not McLarsie.

1891/92 Wolves: the scorer in the FA Cup R1 is Devey not Davey

1892/93 Bootle: The line-up for the Q2 cup tie was the same as that for Q1.  Scorers were Stewart, Montgomery and the attendance 3000.

1892/93 Everton: HR Robertson played in goal in game 8, not Murray.  The og in game 24 was scored by T.Brandon.


1897/98 & 1898/99 (2009)


1897/98 Blackpool: The player’s name was Cardwell G, not Caldwell.

1897/98 Burnley: the og scorer on Sep 6 was McAvoy, not McEvey

1898/99 Darwen: Bleasdale scored in the FA Cup tie

1898/99 Glossop: Tinto was the only scorer in game 3 and McCosh in game 29.  The totals are correct. FA Cup scorers are Donaldson, Gallacher, Pryce, Colvin (Q3), Bartley (Q4) and Tinto, Pryce (Q5).

1898/99 Grimsby: the og in game 12 was scored by Edmondson.  The og in game 30 should be awarded to Cockshutt, making his total 17.

1898/99 Sheffield Wednesday.  The line-ups shown against games 16 to 29 are actually those for games 15 to 28.  In game 29, the line-up is as shown (i.e. the same as the ‘new’ game 28) but Davis was 9, Pryce 8 and Richards did not play.  The changes to the line-up for the last ten minutes of the Aston Villa game played on March 13th are Langley at 3 (not Layton), Ferrier at 4 (not Ruddleston; however Ruddleston played at 6, not Jamieson), Bosworth at 7 (not Dryburgh) Richards at 8 (not Davis) and Price 9 (not Hemmingfield).  The last goal scorer on March 13 was Spiksley, not Richards (amend the goal totals).  Given that an appearance in both Villa games should count as “one”, make the following changes to the appearance totals: Bosworth 7, Ferrier 33, Langley 24, Pryce 8, Richards 3.


1899/1900 & 1900/01 (2009)


New Brighton 1899/1900: Raybould scored twice in game 5

Nottingham Forest 1899/1900: Goal totals should read Calvey 16, Morris 11, Norris 1, Spouncer 2

Sunderland 1900/01: In game 8, replace Becton’s goal with McLatchie.  Totals are correct

Burton Swifts 1900/01:  The goalkeeper in two games was J (Joseph) Watts, not C Watts

Small Heath 1900/01: Goal totals should read McMillan 10, McRoberts 17, Wharton none

Stoke 1900/01:  The scorer in game 31 was Leech.  Maxwell’s total is correct.


1903/04 & 1904/05 (2009)


Sunderland 1904/05.  5 columns are wrongly headed because Talbot-Lewis is out of position.  Talbot-Lewis details should be in the column headed McCullum; the names McCullum, Rhodes, Rowlandson and Stewart should be moved one to the right.  The appearance totals will then be OK, but Rhodes’ goal total (1) should be moved one to the right.


1911/12 & 1912/13 (2010)


Glossop 1911/12:  They were 18th in Division Two, not Division One

West Brom 1912/13: The scorer in game 11 was Morris with 2 goals (delete Wright).  The totals are correct.


1921/22 (2005)


Durham City: W Dobson was 5 in game 34, not H Dobinson.  Change appearance totals.


1922/23 (2005)


Durham City:  Delete T Davidson’s appearance at 9 in game 1, and make his total 18.  Add a footnote that George H Davidson played at 9 in game 1 (his only appearance that season).

Nelson: The two FA Cup appearances at no. 9 were by J Eddleston, not E Eastwood as shown.


1923/24 (2005)


Plymouth: Russell played at 3 in the FA Cup game, not Sloan


1925/26 (2008)


Durham City:  Delete T Parkin’s appearance at 11 in game 22 and make his total 20.  Add a note that JP Carroll played at 11 in game 22.

Southend United.  Replace Shaw as goalscorer on 2nd Jan with Andrews and adjust the goal totals.  The scorers name on 4 occasions is Donoven not Donovan.


1926/27 (2008)


Durham City:  It is John Gallacher this season, not James (who played from 1923/24 to 1925/26).  Also, it is JT Parkin this season, not T Parkin, and H Sargeant should be spelled H Sargeaunt throughout.


1927/28 (2004)


Nelson: Ruffell has 2 goals, not 3, and Sharp has 12, not 11


1928/29 (2004)


Plymouth Argyle:  In game 35, Forbes played at 8, not Sloan.  Change appearance numbers.  In the R4 FA Cup game, delete Matthews as scorer.


1929/30 (2005)


Brighton:  The column headed Potter T is Sly H; the column headed Sly H is Smith R. The column headed Smith R is Smith TP.  The letter gentleman was often known by his middle name Potter, sometimes as “Potter Smith”, which explains his incorrect appearance in the grid as Potter T.  Also, SJ Webb did not play in goal in game 42 and his appearance total should be 41.

Merthyr:  In game 4, Creighton was 3 not Scott, and TH Williams was 10 not Fletcher.  In game 8, TH Williams was 2 not Cross.  In games 31 to 33, B Lewis played at 9, not T Lewis – delete the T Lewis column and transfer the three goals to B Lewis.  In game 32, AJ Smith was in goal, not JH Woodward.  In game 35, Moore was 5 not Carlton, TH Williams was 3 not Creighton, and Lewis was 9 not Gough.  In game 37, Scott was 2 not Carlton.  Add a new column for Joseph G Davies, who played at 4 in game 38 (not Smith) and 6 in 39 (not Fletcher).  In game 40, L Smith was 4 not Moyle.  In game 42, delete Carlton and L Smith.  Creighton was 3, Fletcher 6, Parker 8, Scott 2, Sugarman 10, Williams 9 and TG Woodward 4.  Change appearance totals to Carlton 13, Cross 16, Fletcher 22, Gough 10, Lewis 21, Moore 6, Moyle 13, AJ Smith 2, L Smith 24, TH Williams 27, JH Woodward 19 and TG Woodward 36.

Plymouth: In FA Cup R1, Bowden scored 1 goal.  Vidler is misspelled in the R2 replay.

West Brom: Ashmore played in goals in game 42, not Pearson.  Adjust totals.


1930/31 (2005)


Nelson: The scorer in the FA Cup tie on Nov 29 is Raisbeck not Raidbeck.  Also, The home League games are not in upper case.  Please add a note that the following games were at home: 2,3,4,7,9,12,14,16,17,18,20,21,25,27,29,30,32,34,36,37,40

Plymouth: Game 21: Leslie played at 10, not Vidler.  In game 42, Vidler played at 10, not Leslie, making the appearance totals correct.

West Brom: The second “Richardson W” (who played in games 14 onwards) should be identified as “Richardson WG” – Billy Richardson was nicknamed ‘Ginger’ to distinguish him from centre-half Bill Richardson.


1931/32 (2006)


Walsall: Pointon was at 9 in games 17, 19 and 20.  Alsop did not play games 17 and 19 but played at 9 in games 18 and 21.  Rotton did not play games 18, 20 and 21.  Add 3 to Pointon’s appearances and deduct 3 from Rotton.


1932/33 (2007)


Bolton Wanderers: The scorer in game 6 was Milsom, not Milson

Southend United: The scorer in game 6 is Shankly not Shankley


1938/39 (2009)


Southend United: Goalscorers names are Trainor (not Trainer) and Davis (not Davies).  On 4th Feb, Bolan and Martin scored, not Bolan and Trainer - change Martin and Trainor’s goal totals.


1946/47 (2008)


Bristol Rovers: Curran is misspelled in the scorers column for games 1 and 7.

Charlton: All Robinson goals are W Robinson

Chester: Yates scored 3 goals in game 41, not 2

Chesterfield: Scorers in match 34 were Roberts, Milligan and not Milburn as shown. All the Milburn goals are GW Milburn.

Crewe appearances: There was no “Jones R”.  Transfer his appearances in games 1 to 16 to EN Jones and games 19-21 to Cooke.  Add a new player Fred W Palmer at 10 in game 19.  RA Still (in the footnote) played at 3 in game 19, not 18.  Delete Baines and Bateman’s appearances in game 19.  In game 2, Bossons was 3 and Hill 7; delete Franklin and Harrigan from this game.  In game 5, Bossons was 6 not Hill.  In game 6, Harrigan was 9, Hill 6 and Worrall 7; remove Boothway, Chandler and Shaw from this game.  In game 18, Hill played at 3. In game 22, Waddington was 8 and Baines 10 – delete Hill.  In game 38, Muncie (in the footnote) was 8 not Meaney.  Total appearances should now change as follows: Baines 7, Bateman 3, Boothway 11, Bossons 12, Chandler 13, Cooke 12, Franklin 17, Hill 15, Jones E 39, Jones R zero, Meaney 11, Muncie 2, Shaw 13, Waddington 24, Worrall 7 and the new player, Palmer with 1.

Crewe scorers: All Jones goals are EN Jones, giving him a total of 14.  Boothway scored in game 3, not Ferris.  Add Kelly to the scorers in game 23, and Ward’s goal was a (p) in this match.  One of Ferris’ goals in game 30 was a penalty, and Davies scored, not Jones.  In game 41, Ward’s goal was a (p).  Totals are OK except for E Jones.

Nottm Forest: Game 15 was played at Meadow Lane due to flooding at the City Ground

Preston: Change goal totals as follows: Finney 8, McIntosh 27, McLaren 5, Mutch 2


1947/48 (2009)


Doncaster: Tindill scored three goals, not Tindall as shown in games 9 and 37.  In game 23, delete Thompson as scorer.


1948/49 (2008)


Chesterfield: The West Ham game shown as Aug 24 was played on Aug 28, so games 2 and 3 are in the wrong order.


1949/50 (2009)


Coventry: DE Simpson scored in game 9 and NH Simpson in game 19.  GW Mason scored in game 27.

Darlington: In game 16, Quinn scored the second goal.  Change goal totals to Quinn 18 and Ward 4.


1951/52 (2008)


Charlton: CS Hammond played at 6 in the FA Cup tie

Darlington: Finished 23rd in Div 3(N).

Doncaster: Harrison was 9 in the FA Cup R3, not Herbert


1952/53 (2009)


Chesterfield: Finished equal 12th in Division Three (North).  Flockett played at 3 in game 44.  McGoldrick scored 2 in game 12.

Doncaster: Doherty scored in match 32, not Harrison.


1953/54 (2007)


Chelsea: The og scorer in game 10 was A Moss

Chester: The scorer in game 27 was Morrey

Fulham: In game 41, Jezzard scored 3, making his total 39.  Delete the own goal.

Plymouth: The line-up shown against game 31 is actually the line-up for game 42.  The line-ups currently shown for games 32 to 42 should be moved up one to become games 31 to 41.  Scorer details are correct as they stand.

Portsmouth: In game 32, M Reagan was 11 not Henwood.  This was Reagan’s only appearance that season.


1954/55 (2006)


Coventry: Crosland’s goal in game 1 was an own goal, not a penalty


1956/57 (2007)


Carlisle United: Ackerman scored in game 25, not Atkinson.  Change goal totals.

Chester: Hughes played at 4 in game 14 to 17 inclusive

Scunthorpe: The column headed Brown GA is Fletcher D and vice versa


1957/58 (2007)


Carlisle United: Game 29: Fairley in goal, not Thompson

Crewe: The og scorer in game 45 is Gryba of Southport


1957/58 (2009)


Chester: Add ‘Gordon’ after the Davies with the initials ‘GE’.  The other Davies was George.

Chesterfield: Burrell played at 11 in game 46

Colchester: In game 28, Rumney was 2.  In game 37, Fisher was 2.  In game 39, Parker was 6.  Add one to their respective appearance totals.

Darlington were 20th in Div 3(N), not Div. 4.

Derby County: The og scorer in game 7 was G Shaw.




Crystal Palace:  In game 6, Greenwood played at 3 and Noakes switched to 2 to replace the injured Edwards who did not play.  In game 22, Edwards was at 2 not Greenwood, so the appearance totals are correct.

Darlington: Bulch played at 4 in the four cup-ties, not Brown.


1959/60 (2007)


Chesterfield: The FA Cup R2 dates are November, not December

Darlington: Darbyshire scored in games 2 and 9, not Derbyshire, and Redfearn in game 11, not Refearn

Doncaster: The scorers in game 41 were Leighton, Walker, Broadbent

Swansea: The column headed Davies ER is Davies P and vice versa.  Add a note that all “Davies” goals are by ER Davies.


1960/61 (2008)


Doncaster:  Game 41: Haigh was the scorer, not Heath.

Port Vale: The column headed “Lowe TJ” should read “Llewellyn HA”


1961/62 (2008)


Arsenal: MacLeod’s 6 goals should read McLeod

Chester: The League Cup goalscorers were Cooper, Jones

Colchester: King scored 2 in game 22. Foster played at 7 in the FA Cup and FL Cup, not Forbes

Crewe:  Pennington scored in game 7 and Haydock in game 30.  The second scorer in the FL Cup R1 was R Smith.  Change the following goal totals: Lord 29, McGill 3, Morgans 1, Pennington 2 and Wheatley 13.

Darlington: The second expunged game v Accrington was Aug 28 not Aug 26

Manchester United: Bradley played at 11, not Charlton, in the FA Cup tie v Bolton on Jan 6th.

Portsmouth: Players names are not in alphabetic order.  5 goals scored by Dodson have been credited to Saunders; their totals should be 10 and 27. 

The games involved are 22, 26, 28 (2 goals) and 38 (2 for Dodson, not 1).


1962/63 (2009)


Arsenal: The MacLeod scoring in games 9 and 24 is McLeod

Colchester: Stark scored twice in game 42.  Stark’s total is 3 goals, and RR Hunt is 19

Darlington: In game 45, Maltby was 11 not Lawton.  Change their appearance totals. Add a note that all Robson goals are L Robson.


1963/64 (2009)


Arsenal: MacLeod’s 3 goals in League and cup ties should read McLeod.

Barnsley: In game 32, Cochrane played at 8, not 10

Barrow: O’Neil’s 3 goals should read O’Neill

Bolton: The player in the second column is B Bromley not B Bromlwy.  In games 24 and 25, delete Taylor at 11 and remove 2 from his appearances

Brentford: The scorers in game 13 were Fielding, Dick.  McLaughlin is misspelled in FL Cup R1 replay

Cardiff: In game 32, Williams played at 4 not 3

Chesterfield: The scorer in game 28 is McQuarrie

Colchester: RR Hunt also scored in game 10.  His total is 22, King has 16 and Stark 16

Donaster: Scorers in game 40 were Jeffrey, Hale and not as shown.

Gillingham.  In an amendment to amendment list 2 (yes, really), White was 9 in the FA Cup tie, not Waldock.  So, the 2008 edition of the MbM book is correct as far as no. 9 is concerned.


1964/65 (2009)


Aldershot: The League Cup line-up is wrong and should read: Baker, Gunter, Renwick, Smith, Chamberlain, Mulgrew, Priscott, Horton, Fogg, Kearns, Burton

Bradford City: in the League Cup r4, Kelly played at 5

Brighton: Gould did score 2 in game 13, but need not have been named twice

Bristol City finished second in Division 3 and were promoted

Chelsea (and Liverpool); Their FA Cup semi-final was at Villa Park

Colchester: FA Cup R1: Longbottom scored, not King

Darlington: Change the following attendances to bring them in line with the League’s gate books: Game 2 – 3971. 9 – 6444, 12 – 8055, 21 – 4904, 23 – 3023, 28 – 10128, 38 – 7330, 42 – 2569, 45 – 12927, 46 – 31461

Doncaster: FL Cup R3: Barlow was 7 not Billings

Torquay United: The grid is correct but the players’ names are not in alphabetical order


1965/66 (2009, 1st ed)


Bradford City: In game 1, Rodon was 12 and Thorpe 11

Hull City: The game 20 goal scorers list is missing Davis (og) at the end.  Also, in game 26, Brown’s goal was an og.

Ipswich Town: FAC replay scorers were Baker, Brogan

Reading FL Cup R2.  Cook played at 8, not Shreeve

Shrewsbury Town:  FAC R3 replay scorer should read “Meredith”.

Torquay United: the goals totals are wrong.  Please replace with Barnes 3, Benson 2, Clarke 11, Hellin 1, King 2, Kirkman 2, Northcott 7, Smith 1, Spratt 18, Stubbs 17, Wolstenholme 1 and Wyatt 5.  The own goals are correct.


1965/66 (2009, reprint)


Darlington:  In FL Cup R1 (Sep 1) O’Neill played at 10 and Johnstone 11.  Delete Sproates

Derby County: In game 36, the og was scored by Thomson, not Thomas


1966/67 (2009)


Crystal Palace: In the League Cup game on Sep 13, EJ Yard was sub for Sewell (for 15 seconds!)

Liverpool: In game 28, Hunt was subbed by Arrowsmith.  Add 1 sub appearance to Arrowsmith.

Middlesbrough: Whigham should be shown as playing at 1 on May 13, not 2

Port Vale: Sharratt should be shown as playing at 1 on May 8, not 2


1966/67 (2010)


Barrow: The scorer in game 38 was McAdams, not Adams.  McAdams and Field are misspelled in games 11 and 16.

Brentford: The scorer in game 21 was Bedford not Bradford.

Cardiff: Scorer typos for Farrell (game 18), Johnston (FA Cup R4 replay) and it is BS Jones who scores in games 34, 36, 37, 41.

Carlisle United: Carlin scored in game 21, not Caplin.

Chester: L Jones scored in games 31 and 34

Doncaster: Lindsay scored, not Lidsey, in game 41.  The only scorer in game 45 was Gilfillan.

Huddersfield: Cattlin scored in game 30, not Chilton.  Clark is misspelled in game 32.

Newport: The scorer of 9 goals was Morgans not Morgan

Northampton: In the League Cup R2, Cockcroft was substituted.

Stockport: The R1 replay scorer was Morrin

Swindon: Nurse scored in game 13 not Noble. It was Rogers not Roberts who scored in League Cup games on Jan 10 and Feb 18

Walsall.  In the League Cup, Smith was 7 in R3 and 10 in R4, not Jackson.  In R3, Baker was 8, not Middleton, and Middleton was 9 (subbed) not Kirby

Watford: The scorer of 8 League goals and 3 in the FA Cup was Farrall not Farrell.


1967/68 (2009)


Stoke:  The two missing goals in the FA Cup R3 were scored by Burrows