Please note that this list does not contain the amendments from lists one to three.  If you would like printed copies of previous or future lists please write to Tony Brown, 4 Adrian Close, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 6FL.  Many thanks are again due to my contributors for reporting the mistakes; your comments are always welcome.  I have chosen to correct the known errors when a particular volume needs reprinting.  Therefore please see which edition you have by looking at the publication date on the second page of each book.  Amendments to a later edition also apply to earlier ones unless otherwise noted.


1903/04 & 1904/05 (2009)


Barnsley 1903/04: Lavery played at 8 in game 26, not Travers

Bolton 1903/04: In the FA Cup grid, no. 4 was Freebairn.  His number 4, and all the following numbers, should more 1 column to the right. 

       For example, Jenson was 9.

Blackpool 1904/05: Waddington scored in games 19 and 33, not Wellington

Bolton 1905/06: the scorer in game 26 was Marsh with 2

Burnley 1905/06: add a note that game 15 was played with 10 men

West Brom 1905/06: Lewis was the only scorer in game 27


1905/06 & 1906/07


Birmingham 1905/06.  In the FA Cup R3 replay, Wilcox was 11 not 10.


1907/08 & 1908/09 (2010)


Bradford City 1907/08: Vallance played at 9 in game 23, not 8

Glossop 1907/08: Delete Ross from the scorers in game 24


1911/12 & 1912/13 (2010)


Bradford City 1911/12: The line-up for the R4 replay 2 was: Mellors; Campbell, Gane; Hampton, Torrance, McDonald; Bond, Fox, Walden, Devine, Logan.  The game was abandoned before extra time could be played because of continued encroachment by an over-capacity crowd.

Bolton 1912/13: In game 14, Stokes was 11 and Vizard 10. In game 15, Slater was 3, Smith 10, Stokes 7 and Vizard 11. Stokes did not play in game 16 and Slater did not play in game 18.


1913/14 & 1914/15 (2010)


Bolton 1914/15:  Change the spelling of Feebury to Feebery.  In game 15, Feebery was 3 and Smith 6.  Also, add Feebery at 3 to games 16 to 22 inclusive and make his total 16.  In the FA Cup R4, Wilson was 3 not 2. The Feebury/Feebery misspelling occurs in other seasons.


1919/20 & 1920/21 (2008)


Birmingham 1919/20: Delete the scorer in FA Cup R3

Blackpool 1919/20 has the wrong season in the page heading

Bolton 1919/20: Just Rowley scored in game 13

Bradford City 1919/20: Fox scored once in game 14 and change Myers to Marsh in game 20 scorers

Clapton Orient 1919/20: Hind played at 2 in game 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15.  Williams played at 7 in game 32.

Rotherham County 1919/20: Baines was 3 in game 29

Arsenal 1920/21: Rutherford scored 2 in game 24

Aston Villa 1920/21: C Stephenson scored 2 in games 12 and 21

Bristol Rovers 1920/21: In game 29, Boxley was 9, Crompton 8, Howes 4 and Leigh 10.  Bird and Morgan did not play

Burnley 1920/21: D Taylor was 3 in game 42

Bury 1920/21: The footnote should read Played in one game: R Brindle (8,4), J Hulse (42,1), S Kirkman (35, 7): In two games, H Barnett 33 at 8, 34 at 10.

Grimsby 1920/21: Morrall was 8 in game 12, not Powell

Huddersfield 1920/21: WH Smith was 11 in game 1 and 2, not WE Smith.  WE Smith was 8 in games 24 and 25, not WH Smith.

Northampton 1920/21: Tomkins scored in FA Cup Q6, not Jobey

Preston 1920/21: Waddell was 4 in game 30-33, not Speak

Reading 1920/21: Mavin scored in game 22, not Nevin

Sheffield United 1920/21: The goal in game 21 should be given to Johnson

Stockport 1920/21: Newbigging was 10 in games 8, 10, 11, 12, 13.  Worrall was 9 in game 8 and 4 in game 10. Beattie was 7 in game 13, not Bullough

Swindon 1920/21: Rogers was 9 in game 18, not Denyer. Hawley was 5 in game 32, not Archer.  Archer was 5 in game 33, not Hawley

Watford 1920/21: Short was 9 in game 38 and 39, not Hoddinott.  Short was 8 in game 42, not Smith


1921/22 (2005)


Birmingham: The goals totals for Bradford and Burkinshaw should be transposed.

Watford.  Pagham scored 2 in the FA Cup


1922/23 (2005)


Arsenal: Townrow also played at 8 in the FA Cup R1 replay

Brentford: Clayson played at 10 in the 3 FA Cup ties, not Stott

Brighton: Wilson was the only scorer in game 38

Charlton: Filliston scored 2 in game 3

Clapton Orient: Waite was the only scorer in game 37

Grimsby: J Miller played in games 13, 23 and 26, not H Millar

Huddersfield: W Smith was the only scorer in game 7

Preston: Ferris was 8 in games 28 and 29, not Duxbury

Southend: Goodwin was the only scorer in game 4

Tranmere: in game 33, the scorers were Sayer 2, Lomax, Beswick

Tottenham: Walters played at 5 in games 35 to 42, not Wilson.  Change totals to 29 and 2.

Walsall: Walton scored in game 16, Cullum in 31.  Reid was 9 in the FA Cup ties, not Archer. A Groves played in game 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, not E Groves.  A Groves played in game 10.  Cullum was 8 in games 17, 18 not A Groves


1923/24 (2005)


Brentford: Williams scored 2 not 3 in game 39

Charlton: Thomson scored in game 38, not Briggs

Doncaster: Sissons scored in game 16, not Simmons

Grimsby: The columns headed McClennon, McKenna, Marshall should be headed Marshall, McClennon, McKenna

Huddersfield game 33; it was WH Smith that scored, not W Smith

Sunderland: the scorers in game 18 were Buchan, Marshall, not Buchan 2.  Marshall also scored in game 33, not Buchan.  The line-ups for games 33 and 34 are reversed; for example, marshall played in game 33, not 34.  One exception is that Ferguson was 5 in game 34, not Gilhooley.

West Bromwich.  In game 24, the second scorer was Morris


1924/25 (2007)  


Birmingham: Harris played at 7 in the 3 cup-ties, not E Harvey

Blackpool: The four entries under Thorpe in the FA Cup ties belong to Streets.  Bedford was the only scorer in R3.

Bolton: Cassidy was the only scorer in game 14

Brentford: Garnish was 8 in the FA Cup, not Graham

Darlington: M Hooper scored 2 in game 2

Exeter: The FA Cup line-ups are misplaced; from the left the columns with entries refer to Bailey, Pollard, Charlton, Coleburne, Crompton, Potter, Matthews, Pullan, Lievesley, Davis, Compton, Appleyard, Jones, Kirk, Smelt and Blackmore.

Lincoln: The two Sisson players columns should be reversed; WJ Sissons was the goalie

Merthyr: Ward scored 2 in game 17, and it should be Nash scoring in game 22, not Bash

Middlesbrough: JT Williams scored in game 39, not O Williams

Newcastle: McDonald was the only scorer in game 8, and Cowan scored in FA Cup R2, not Owen

Northampton: Myers and Page both scored 2 in game 8

Reading: Messer scored in game 7, not Mason

Tranmere: The Q6 FA Cup tie ended 1-1, not 0-0. Sayer scored.


1927/28 (2004)


Derby: Crooks scored 10 goals, not Crilly


1928/29 (2004)


Bolton: Change scorer totals to Kean 1, McClelland 9, Murphy 4, Nuttall none

Notts County: Dowsey played at 9 in games 31 to 35and Bisby at 2 in games 39 and 40


1935/36 (2008)


Bolton: C Woods played at 9 in the two cup ties, not Woodward

Bradford PA: Nolan scored in the FA Cup R5 replay.

Clapton Orient: Foster and Smith scored in game 17

Grimsby: Ponting played at 9 in game 8, not Glover.  Glover scored in game 11.

Liverpool: the scorers in game 14 were Hodgson, Carr (p), McDougall

Mansfield: In the FA Cup, Blytheway was 7 not Hunter, Harston was 9 not Johnson. Clenshaw scored in game 25.

Millwall: In the Div 3(S) Cup, shift numbers 2 and 1 one to the left.

Norwich: Vinall scored in game 39. not Goffey. 

QPR: in game 31, Lowe was 8 not Fletcher

Rotherham: in the FA Cup R2 replay, Jolly was 6 and Smith 10


1937/38 (2010)


Brentford: Holliday scored 2 League goals and Bateman none


1938/39 (2009)


Blackpool: Eastham scored in game 36 and Finan in 37, not vice versa

Bristol City: Add a footnote to the Div 3(S) Cup: P Clarke played at 2 in R3.  The missing scorer in R2 is C Morgan

Crystal Palace: Steele scored in the Div 3(S) Cup R3 replay, not Stock

Darlington: Harvey scored in game 12, not Feeney.  The totals are correct

Doncaster: Killhoury played at 9 in game 23, not 8

Gateshead: Gallacher did not score in game 24

Leicester: The home game with Portsmouth was Nov 12 not 21.  All other details are correct for the game.

Newport: Wood scored in FAC R1 replay and R2, not Ward.  In the footnote, Wheeler played at 2 in R1, not 3

Northampton: Barratt played at 2 in game 37, not 5

Norwich: Law scored in game 5, not Low

Port Vale: Wheatley played at 9 in game 4, not 8

Rotherham: Hanson played at 6 in games 26 and 27, not 11. Courts did not play in game 35 and was 5 in game 36, not 3

Southend: Trainer should be spelled as such, not Trainor


1946/47 (2008)


Crewe: Add Kelly to the list of scorers in game 19.  A reference to this goal in amendment list 3 said ‘game 23’ in error.

Exeter: Owen scored in game 22, not Jones

Fulham games 39 and 40.  Grant played in 39 not McGibbon, and vice versa in game 40

Ipswich: Day scored in game 3, not Ray

Millwall: Anderson was the only scorer in game 2

Newport: in the footnote. Ainge played at 11

Nottm Forest: add a note that game 15 was played at Meadow Lane


1947/48 (2009)


Aston Villa: Brown scored 2 in game 16

Carlisle: Dougal was the only scorer in game 35

Chester: Westwood was the only scorer in game 24

Crewe: JF Meaney played at 8 in the four FA Cup ties, not Mawson

Norwich: Scorer Hood in game 21 should read Hold. Eyre scored in game 30, not Jones

Rotherham: McLean scored in game 3, not McMahon

Stoke: The line-up for the two FA Cup ties was Herod, Mould, Meakin, F Mountford, Franklin, Kirton, Sellars, Kiernan, Steele, McAlinden, Ormston.  Of these, nos. 1, 2, 5, 9 and 11 are shown correctly.

Swansea: Keane was 3 in game 23 and Paul was 4 in game 30


1951/52 (2008)


Aldershot: Jinks scored in game 14, not Raine.  Change totals.  Mortimore scored 3 in game 39.

Brentford: Dare played at 8 in game 6 to 9

Brightion: Mansell scored in games 12 and 17, not Marshall

Bristol Rovers: Bradford played at 8 in games 23 and 24

Charlton: Vaughan scored 2 in game 11, not 3. 

Derby: Morris, Nielson scored in FA Cup R3; no-one scored in the replay

Fulham: Thomas was the scorer in match 19

Gateshead:  Fowler was 3 (and 2) in the FA Cup games, not Brown

Leyton Orient: Pacey not Pagey scored in games 24 and 26

Northampton: McCulloch scored 2 in game 20 (amend the footnote).  Hughes played at 8 in game 34, not 10

Oldham: McCulloch played at 2 in game 34

Swindon: Owen scored 2 goals in game 17

Wrexham: Lawrence, Bannan scored in FA Cup R2 replay, not Jessop, Tunnicliffe


1953/54 (2007)


Accrington: the second scorer in game 35 is Watkinson not Wilkinson

Bradford City’s goals totals have been scrambled; from the left they should read 0,0,1,0,3,1,5,0,0,2,2,0,0,5,15,0,10,4,0,9,2,1

Carlisle: scorers in game 46 were Harrison, Atkinson 2

Chesterfield: McGoldrick scored 2 in game 12

Crewe: Mitcheson scored in game 22 and game 33 (the second goal)

Exeter: scorers in game 19 were McClelland, Samuels, Donaldson, Mackay.  In game 20, Donaldson.

Gateshead: Wilbert played at 11 in the FA Cup tie

Grimsby: Stroud scored in the FA Cup R3 replay. The columns headed Maddison and McMillan are in the wrong order; McMillan played at 5, Maddison at 11, scoring 5 goals.

Halifax: Hampson scored 2 (1p) in game 13, not Harrison

Manchester United: Byrne (p) was the only scorer in game 10

Millwall: the columns headed Hazlett and Heydon are reversed; Heydon played at 4, Hazlett at 7

Shrewsbury: ER Benyon is actually ER Beynon.  Names are not in alphabetic order.

Southend: transfer the details in JR Sibley to A Sibley, then delete the JR Sibley column.  A Sibley was known as Joe, hence the confusion.

Walsall FA Cup line-ups.  Allsop (only one ‘p’ in his name) played at 8 in R1 and r2, not Tarrant.  Tarrant played at 6 in the last 3 cup-ties, not Baldwin. Jeffries was 9 in R1, not Colombo.  Colombo was 11 in the last three cup-ties, not Davis.  Jones played in the last 4 ties, not Meek.


1957/58 (2009)


Bristol Rovers: Biggs scored one goal in game 17

Darlington: Morton played at 11 in games 31 to 33, not Moran.  Adjust totals

Mansfield: Uphill scored in game 46 not Griffiths; the totals are OK

Southport: Schofield played at 8 in game 37, not at 10


1958/59 (2007)


Blackpool:  The columns containing the details for Hauser and Kelly HT should be swapped over, except for Kelly’s 2 goals

Burnley: scorers in game 4 were Pilkington, Connelly, Robson

Cardiff: the third scorer in game 25 was Tapscott

Colchester: the third scorer in game 20 was Langman

Crewe: GR Jones played at 2 in FA Cup R1.  Goal totals for Keery should read 8, Llewellyn 18, Millar 1, Moran 8, Riley 12

Gateshead: change the footnote to read Smith(a) b. 1927, Smith(b) b. 1932.  ie Smith(a) is the established Gateshead player, Smith(b) is the Nov. 1958 transfer from Shrewsbury.  Amend the scorer in game 17 to Smith(b).  In game 39, delete Grant; Kirtley was 7 and Smith(b) 10.  In game 46, delete Grant (Wimshurst was 7, as in the footnote).  Grant’s appearance total is 5.  Smith(a) goals total is 6 and Smith(b) 11.

Swansea: Webster scored in game 39

Workington: in game 38, delete Robson as a scorer


1960/61 (2008)


Chesterfield: The FA Cup R2 dates are November, not December (in a first draft of amendment list 3, this was shown as 1959/60 by mistake)


1961/62 (2008)


Barrow: Hale scored in game 22, not Haig

Brentford: Edgley scored 2 in game 10

Coventry: In the two FA Cup games, Imlach was 11 not Dixon and Bennett was 2 not McCann. In R1, Satchwell was 10 not Kearns and BW Hill was 9 not Tedds.  In R2, BW Hill was 10 not Tedds, and Dixon 9 not BW Hill.  In the League Cup, Dixon was 9, BW Hill 10, Imlach 11 and Tedds did not play.

Grimsby Town: Cullen scored 2 in game 1 and Williams 2 in game 9

Leyton Orient: Gibbs was 10 in game 13 and Graham 10 in game 14, not vice versa as shown

Lincoln: the scorers are Calland in game 2 (not Callard) and Buick in game 3 (not Buck).  Lincoln were relegated.

Mansfield: Coates played at 6 in games 21 and 22, not 8

Norwich: Allcock scored in game 21, not Peacock

Stoke: Viollet is spelled thus, and not Violett, a typo I am quite fond of for some reason!

Swansea: in the two ECWC games, G Williams was 11 in R1.1 and Webster 10 in R1.2, not as shown

Torquay: Jenkins played at 8 in games 5, 6 and 7, not 10 as shown

Walsall: Younger scored in game 3, not Young.  The FA Cup footnote should show Eden as playing in R3 not R1.

Wrexham: Whitehouse played at 8 in games 41 and 42, not 10


1962/63 (2009)


Bolton: Butler scored in game 22, not Baker. 

Brentford: Brooks also scored in game 31

Brighton: Burtenshaw scored in game 31, not Walker.  The goal totals are correct.

Crewe: Wheatley also scored in game 31, and Smith scored the second in the League Cup match.  McGill played at 2 in game 6.

Gillingham’s opponents in the FA Cup R1 were Andover (no ‘Town’)

Ipswich: Blackwood scored in the FA Cup R4, not Malcolm

Leyton: Dunmore scored in game 16 and Gregory in game 17, not 17 and 18 as shown

Peterborough: Simpson played at 5 in games 13 and 14, not 6

Preston: Holden scored in game 31, and Thompson (not Holden) in game 33. Gornall played at 5 in game 30

Shrewsbury: Middleton played at 8 in FA Cup R2, not Harley

Stockport: The FA Cup goalscorer is Bentley.  Chester were not ‘City’ at the time in the League Cup fixture

Stoke: Violett should be Viollet throughout.  He scored 4 goals in game 7

Watford: Bell played at 2 in game 36 not 35.  McNeice was 5 in game 36.

Workington: Swindells scored in game 39, and Carr and Swindells in game 40, not games 38 and 39 as shown


1964/65 (2009)


Crewe: the scorer in game 15 was Gowans

Fulham were 20th in Division One

Grimsby: some players’ initials are missing; the full set should read K, LE, P, B, R, JD, RE, WE, B, KA, BB, R, GR, J, G, M, JB, WH, CG, R. 

DC Donovan played in the 4 FA Cup ties at 3, 3, 4 and 6 (in that order).  Lakin’s initials are JT.

Norwich scorer in game 42 was Mannion

Oxford scorers in game 23 were Booth, G.Atkinson

Southport: The columns headed Wallace and Watt are transposed; Watt played at 7, Wallace in defence.  Watt scored 2 goals, not Wallace.

Tranmere: Hill played at 7 in FA Cup R1 replay

Watford: the FA Cup goalscorer was Nicholas


1966/67 (2010)


Blackpool: Lea scored in game 36

Crewe: The scorer in game 41 was an og by Mielczarek

Doncaster: The scorer in game 40 was Kelly, and Warboys scored in game 45, not Gilfillan and Lindsay as shown

Exeter: in game 39, Blain played at 8 and McNeil at 6

Fulham: Scorers in game 21 were Clarke, Barrett

Huddersfield:  The third scorer in game 30 is Cattlin not Chilton

Leyton Orient: Wood played at 4 in game 45 not 5

Swindon: The scorer in game 13 was Nurse, not Noble.  The scorer “Roberts” should read Rogers in FA Cup R2 and R4

Walsall: Taylor scored 2 in game 46.  Simpson played at 4 in game 45.

Wrexham: Weston played at 9 in game 45, not 10


1967/68 (2009)


Bradford City: Swallow played at 6 in the FA Cup, not 4

Brighton: scorer in game 39 is Lawton not Lawson

Bristol Rovers: In game 37, R Jones scored 2

Burnley: Smith played at 3 in FL Cup R2, not 2

Colchester: The columns headed Stratton, Trevis and Shires (in that order) should say Shires, Stratton, Trevis (ie alphabetic order)

Grimsby: Add a note that they were relegated

Lincoln: The Flowers goal in game 42 was an og

Stockport County: M Woods scored in games 34 and 36, not P Woods

Stoke: Burrows (p) scored in game 3, not Burridge