The books are from my own collection, so I only have one copy of each. My web site at has an up-to-date list of unsold titles. The condition of each book is generally very good unless otherwise stated. Make me an offer if you don’t agree with my prices. Please note that these prices do not include postage. Contact me first by e-mail, phone or letter with the item numbers to see if they are still available, and I will quote you the postage at cost, by Royal Mail or Hermes. In general, single copies of a small hardback will travel in the UK for around £2. Large hardbacks and multiple orders (up to 10 kilos) will possibly need to travel by Hermes for £6.49.

Tony Brown, 4 Adrian Close, Toton, Nottingham NG9 6FL. 0115 973 6086.


Irish, Scottish, Welsh Football

104. The Story of Celtic, an official history 1888 to 1978 by Gerald McNee. Hardback from publisher Stanley Paul. No dust jacket. Narrative account. £5

106. Rangers: the New Era by William Allison. Published by Rangers in 1966 or thereabouts, no dust jacket, hardback. £10

127. Gritty, Gallant, Glorious: A History and Complete Record of the Hearts 1946-1997 by Norrie Price. Large hardback, 1997. £12

128. Rangers, Complete Record by Bob Ferrier and Robert McElroy. Breedon Books 1996. Large hardback, VG £10

132. They wore the dark blue: a complete record of Dundee United by Norrie Price. Large hardback, 1995. £12

134. Rangers The Complete Record by Bob Ferrier and Robert McElroy. The ‘new’ Breedon Books (later Derby Books) 2005. Mid sized hardback, 752 pages. £20

140. The First 100 Years by Bob Crampsey (The Official Centenary History of the Scottish Football League. A5 sized hardback, 1990. £5

144. Ireland on the Ball – International Matches of the Republic of Ireland March 1926 ti June 1993. Donal Cullen. ELO Publications 1993. Mid sized hardback. £5

145. The Complete Who’s Who of Irish International Football 1945-1996 by Stephen McGarrigle. Mainstream 1996. Mid sized hardback. £5

147. The men who made Hibernian FC Since 1946 by Jim Jeffrey. Tempus 2005. Mid sized paperback. £8

150. The Scottish Qualifying Cup 1895-1995 by Stewart Davidson, 1995.  All the results. A5 sized paperback. £5

153. An Alphabet of the Celts: A complete who’s who of Celtic FC by McBride, O’Connor and Sheriden. Polar Publishing 1994. Mid sized hardback. £5

155. The Tannadice Encyclopaedia: An A-Z of Dundee United by Mike Watson. Mainstream 1997. Mid sized hardback. £8

161. The Making of Hibernian Vol. 1 by Alan Lugton. John Donald 1999. Mid sized paperback. £20


History of Football

209. Beastly Fury: The strange birth of British Football by Richard Sanders. Bantam Press 2009. Covers the period to 1915. Hardback £8.

210. Living to Play – from soccer slaves to soccerati, by John Harding.  A social history of the professionals. Robson Books 2003. £10

241. Encyclopaedia of British Football by Messrs Cox, Russell and Vamplew. Frank Cass 2002. £5


The FA Cup

224. The Official History of the FA Cup by Geoffrey Green. Naldrett Press 1949.  Hardback in average condition, but provides a good reading copy. £4


Sportsman Book Club and Sporting Handbook Editions (no dust jackets, hardback, each priced at £1)

260. 40 Years in Football – Ivan Sharpe

264. Football Ambassador – Eddie Hapgood



310. The Observer Book of  Soccer: an anthology of the best soccer writing. Edited and compiled by Tony Pawson. Published by the Observer in 1989, with articles from the newspaper. Hardback; £5

323. Football's greatest heroes: the National Football Museum Hall of Fame by Robert Galvin. 1st edition 2005. Large format hardback. Many colour illustrations from the holdings of the NFM. £10

332. Football League Jubilee book compiled by Ivan Sharpe. Stanley Paul 1963. Hardback, no dust jacket. £3

336. In Soccer Wonderland by Julian Germain. Booth-Clibborn Editions 1994. Large illustrated hardback. £5

347. In the Way! Goalkeepers, a breed apart by Rick Hazlewood. Mainstream small paperback, 1996 £4

350. An English Football Internationalist’s Who’s Who by Doug Lamming. Hutton Press 1990. Mid-sized paperback. £5

351. A Scottish Soccer Internationalist’s Who’s Who 1872-1986 by Doug Lamming. Hutton Press 1987. Mid-sized paperback. £5



543. Rothmans Yearbook 1970-71. A rare hardback edition of the first Rothmans, in good unmarked condition.  £99


Club Histories

642. The Reds a pictorial history of Barnsley football club by Granville Firth published by EP publishing 1980 paperback. £5

649. Arsenal Who’s Who 1886-1995 by Jeff Harris and Tony Hogg. Independent UK Sports, large hardback. £5



703. Quite simply a flash of genius; the life and times of the Northampton Town legend Tommy Fowler by Frank Grande. Paperback, 170 pages £5

709. Geoff Hurst 1966 and all that. Published by Headline 2001. This copy signed by Hurst. Hardback. £15

710. A Man for all Seasons: A Peter Shilton tribute by Brian Horsnell published by the author in 1997. Shilton's career record in 28 pages. £2

711. Lets be Honest by Jimmy Greaves (with Reg Gutteridge). A publisher’s proof copy, signed on the cover by Jimmy.  Pelham Books, 1972. A5 sized paperback. £12


Non-League Football

750. The Non League Football Grounds of Great Britain, second edition 1992. Tony Williams. Large paperback, 544 pages. £10

758. The Who’s Who of Grantham Town by Jon Barnes. Gingerjonny Publications 2005. Large format paperback. £10

764. Non League Report. First 9 editions (a “pilot”, and numbers 1 to 8) published by the AFS, and considered as volumes 1 and 2. Then continued as “NLR Retrospect”, published by 3-2 books, with four issues in volumes 3 and 4, then three in volumes 5 to 8. 29 booklets in total (a complete set, with index). £16