The books are from my own collection, so I only have one copy of each. My web site at has an up-to-date list of unsold titles. The condition of each book is generally good unless otherwise stated. Please note that the prices quoted do not include postage. Contact me first by e-mail, phone or letter with the item numbers to see if they are still available, and I will quote you the postage at cost, by Royal Mail or Hermes.

Tony Brown, 4 Adrian Close, Toton, Nottingham NG9 6FL. 0115 973 6086.


Irish, Scottish, Welsh Football

104. The Story of Celtic, an official history 1888 to 1978 by Gerald McNee. Hardback from publisher Stanley Paul. No dust jacket. Narrative account. £10

106. Rangers: the New Era by William Allison. Published by Rangers in 1966 or thereabouts, no dust jacket, hardback. £10

107. Celtic a Century with Honour: the official centenary history by Brian Wilson. Hardback. £5


European Football

158. Nove Volte Genoa; the Italian campaign of 1923-24.This book is in Italian. 114 pages paperback. £5


History of Football

204. A History of Football published by Martin Secker and Warburg 1954. By Maurice Marples. Hardback. Another classic account of the development of English football. £4

206. Caxtonís four volume set of Association Football, edited by HH Fabian and Geoffrey Green. Published August 1961. The books were written by prominent football writers of the day. The four volumes are nicely bound hardbacks with gilt lettering on the spine and provide a comprehensive record of the game.£20 the four.


The FA Cup

224. The Official History of the FA Cup by Geoffrey Green. Naldrett Press 1949.Hardback in average condition, but provides a good reading copy. £4

225. Pictorial Record of the FA Cup. Paperback brochure produced in 1948. £3



310. The Observer Book ofSoccer: an anthology of the best soccer writing. Edited and compiled by Tony Pawson. Published by the Observer in 1989, with articles from the newspaper. Hardback; £5

319. The Guinness Book of League Football Grounds by Jon Ladd. A guide for the travelling fan, dated 1994 but not actually published! The book was withdrawn by the publisher because of concern over some of the statements made by the author. A subsequent revised edition was published. So this copy is a rare survivor of the publishing trade. Collectors item £15.

323. Football's greatest heroes: the National Football Museum Hall of Fame by Robert Galvin. 1st edition 2005. Large format hardback. Many colour illustrations from the holdings of the NFM. £10

330. The History of the Football Association published by the Naldrett Press 1953. Written by Geoffrey Green. Gives an authoritative account of the development of the Football Association 692 pages. Hardback though not in the best of condition, but a valuable resource for the student of the game. £10.

331. GB United: British Olympic football and the end of the amateur dream, by Steve Menory. Published by Pitch, 2010. Ex-library copy but in good condition. £3

332. Football League Jubilee book compiled by Ivan Sharpe. Stanley Paul 1963. Hardback, no dust jacket. £3

334. Football all around the world by RB Alaway, 1948. An amateur football (Middlesex Wanderers) recalls his life in football. £3


Association of Football Statisticians

420. AFS record of Scottish League Football published 1988. Results and tables for seasons up to 1986-87. Paperback. £5

421. The AFS record of the Scottish Cup 1873 to 1986 by John Byrne. Dates, attendances, results to 1985-86. Paperback. £5

424. Three volumes of the AFS Football League Cup lineups booklets. They are part three (covering 1973 to 1978) part four (1979 to 1981) part five (1982 to 1984). £5 the three.

425. The AFS Who's Who of Scottish internationalists 1872 to 1982 consists of four stapled booklets produced by Doug Laming in an attractive slipcase. £10

426. Scottish Football League Cup 1940 to 1984. Dates, half times, results. Five volume in a dark blue binder. £10

429. The Ultimate FA Cup statistics book, written by me, and published by the AFS 1994. Please note that more recent editions have been published. Mint copy, newly discovered on my shelving! £5


UEFA Publications

500. 25 years of UEFA. Published by UEFA, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 1979. This is a presentation copy hardback in a slipcase, given to Nottingham Forest. Illustrated with lots of pictures of worthy committeemen before getting to the more interesting pages of European champions in the major UEFA competition. Well illustrated with black and white photographs. 284 pages. Mint condition. £35

501. 50 years of European Club Football. Large format hardback in a slipcase, published by UEFA to commemorate 50 years of European Champion clubs. A tribute to players and coaches, referees and officials. Many illustrations include action photos and programme covers. 252 pages £25


Club Histories

601. The Romance of the Wednesday1867-1926 by Richard Sparling. Published 1926 (original copy, not the facsimile). Stitching a little loose, and the outer cover of the spine is missing. Dealers want well over £150 for this book, but in view of the damaged cover I think £50 is a reasonable ask.

602. Plymouth Argyle: All About Argyle 1903 to 1963: 60 years of history and records by WS Tonkin. Paperback 128 pages. £15

614. Swansea Town/City 1912 to 1982 by David Farmer signed copy published by LM books 1982. First narrative account of the Swans history. Hardback. £10

634. The Gills, by Tony Conway Hardback published 1980.Hardback, 90 pages, well illustrated. £5

641. Barnsley a study in football 1953 to 1959 by Ian Alister and Andrew Ward. 170 pages. Paperback. £10

642. The Reds a pictorial history of Barnsley football club by Granville Firth published by EP publishing 1980 paperback. £5

643. An A-Z of Aldershot town FC, the Phoenix has Risen by Pete Stanford. Breedon Books 2008. Biographies of players from 1992 onwards.£8



700. Bobby Charlton my life in football illustrated edition large format hardback by headline 2009 excellent photographic record of Charlton's career 282 pages, £5

701. King John the autobiography of John Charles by Harris 2003. Published by Headline: hardback, £3

702. Sir Bobby Robson Living the Game, signed by Bobby on the cover. Paperback, £3

703. Quite simply a flash of genius; the life and times of the Northampton Town legend Tommy Fowler by Frank Grande. Paperback, 170 pages £5

704. Golden boy; a biography of Wilf Mannion by Nick Farley. Aurum Press 1997 hardback, £5

705. Bobby Moore tribute the illustrated biography of a football legend edited by David Emery of the Daily Express. Published 1993. £3

706. The Wizard of the Wing: the life of Stanley Matthews by John Henderson. Published by Yellow Jersey Press 2013 hardback. £6

707. Duncan Edwards biography by Ian McCartney and Rory Kavanagh published by Temple Press 1988; this edition reprinted 1999. Paperback 96 pages. £5

709. Geoff Hurst 1966 and all that. Published by Headline 2001. This copy signed by the Hurst. Hardback. £15

710. A Man for all Seasons: A Peter Shilton tribute by Brian Horsnell published by the author in 1997. Shilton's career record in 28 pages. £2


CD Roms

800. A complete set of 17 Gamages Football Annuals on CD Roms, each one of which contains the 500 or so pages of the Gamages annual for that season.As with todayís yearbooks, the title year of one book covers the results of the previous season.Produced by CD Archives who no longer trade, but I can help if you have any difficulty in using the discs. They are compatible with Windows 95 onwards, for IBM pc type computers (but might also work on Macs). A user-friendly interface is provided, but each page is a .jpg or .pdf, so they can also be viewed by the software of your choice. The seasons are 1909-10 to 1914-15 and 1919-20 to 1929-30. (The annual for 1919-20 covers the 1914-15 season.)£100.

801. A set of 5 CD Roms which each contain the pages from The Football Annual.They are the issues dated 1885, 1886, 1888, 1892 and 1895.£40.