Origins and Who’s Who of Derby County FC 1884-1888

by Peter Seddon

ISBN 978-1-905891-77-1

Price: £14

Mid-sized paperback of 158 pages, illustrated

Football was played in Derby years before the Football League was formed in 1888.  One might even say “centuries”, for street football (such as that still played today in Ashbourne) was popular throughout the county.  Derby County were one of the 12 founder members of the League, but were by no means the first club in the town to play Association football.  Gradually Midland, St Luke’s, Junction and other clubs fell by the wayside.

            Peter Seddon’s book examines in detail the first four years of the club’s existence, from its foundation in 1884 to 1888.  Full statistical details of games, results, scorers and line-ups are included. After much research the author has been able to compile a “who’s who” with biographical details for nearly all the players. This is the first time such information has been published on the club. Meet the “flying bishop”, international cricketers, two tragic drowning victims, a disgraced manure salesman and learn of some tragic early deaths including suicide.  There are more than 100 colourful characters who were “the men who made the Rams”.

            Famous victories, farcical defeats, bitter rivalries, near oblivion and glorious survival – the lost years of Derby County are brought vividly to life in entertaining style, providing the missing pieces in the unique history of Derby County Football Club.  All Rams’ fans should know and cherish their roots; the book provides that magical story.

The book is a mid-sized paperback book of 158 pages with many b/w illustrations and a full colour cover.  The price is £14.  Copies are available from Amazon, sports booksellers and by post from Tony Brown.  If ordering by post, please send a cheque or postal order for £16 (which includes £2 for UK postage and packing), payable to Tony Brown, to 4 Adrian Close, Toton, Nottingham NG9 6FL. 

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