Sendings-off in English Football 1979/80 to 2000/01

My new book provides details of nearly 6000 dismissals in the Premier League, Football League and other major club competitions in England and Europe. 2,827 separate players have been sent off in this period. The main list gives details of the players and the games in which the dismissals occurred. A second list is organised by club.

Among the pages of "interesting facts" are the following:

Total dismissals each season

The most dismissals on one day

Dismissals by month (August is bad!)

The players with most dismissals

The clubs with most/fewest dismissals

The clubs with most/fewest dismissals from their opponents

The number of "home" players dismissed compared with the number of "away" ones (there are twice as many "aways"!)

The odds of winning after a player is dismissed.

Finally, there is a short history of "sendings-off".

Copies are available by post from Tony Brown, at 4 Adrian Close, Toton, Nottingham NG9 6FL, price 10 including postage.