By Gilbert Upton

ISBN 978-1-905891-60-3

Price: £10.00

A4 sized paperback, illustrated

Although we are increasingly familiar with the referee as a ‘news item’ in today’s media, there is little in print about them and their profession.  The previous edition of this book (2005) was the first time that a complete list of referees in the senior English competitions had been published, all 1,536 of them since 1888.  This edition is updated with the latest information and extends the count to 1,594. The book includes the official lists of referees for each season, compiled from Football League handbooks and other sources.  The details are laid out in grid format, so that you can follow their career season-by-season.  Lists of the referees for important English games (cup finals and play-offs) are also included.  Though not providing you with game-by-game details (except for the cup finals), the book does at least help resolve the mistakes caused (for example) by reports listing T.C. Mour when they meant T Seymour!

            Author Gilbert Upton is the Tranmere Rovers statistician with several books on the club to his credit.  In 2005, he was chosen as ‘Suipporter of the Year” by a local newspaper in recognition of his efforts.

            The book is an A4 sized paperback book of 78 pages with b/w illustrations and a full colour cover.  The price is £10.  Copies are available from sports booksellers and by post from Tony Brown.  If ordering by post, please send a cheque or postal order for £12.00 (which includes £2 for UK postage and packing) payable to Tony Brown, to 4 Adrian Close, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 6FL. Alternatively, use the Paypal 'Buy Now' button below.